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Sep 15, 2011 6:00am EDT
est bloomfield michigan thing he managed to do was tt mooe his cuffed hands from behind him to in front. he &palso emptied his pockets whic police sayycontained heroin. and thee he used his mouth to pubricate an apparennty loose how long it takks ffr him to take ff the cuffs left alone in the cruiser with the padiooon...alexander gnawed, salivated and tugged for a cuff came off...a veritable handcuff houdini. he kept looking arrund for the officer. youucould almost see him think...and while we're at it, shouldn't the suspect be wearing a seatbeltt? and then there's the minor dettil of how he managed to open the window to get out.the barrier between front and back had been left open, so alexxnder just crrwled into tte front seat...waach the light change as he presses the button opening a rear window. out the window he went. at least this cruiser was parked. a handcuffed burglary suspect in utah threw imself out the car. the window was open ce - because he'd been throwing up. when he threw himself out he was not seriiusly injured, though he was recaptured. and so was alexander, jjst 3 h
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1